Old Woman (Woman with Gloves)
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If Old Woman (Woman with Gloves) doesn’t make you giggle and think of the infinite number of things that could be running through this woman’s head, then you probably don’t have a sense of humor.

My first guess as to what she is thinking is that she’s kinda drunk and Picasso (who we’re assuming is in front of her) is kinda cute. She may be an older woman, but that doesn’t mean that she is incapable of talking to this twenty-something year old guy, right? She’s definitely still got it. Maybe if she just gives him a little side smile and some ‘come hither’ eyes, he’ll come over here. Being a cougar is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s rather kick-ass. Some of the greatest women in history have been cougars. Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Taylor (who happened to play Cleopatra), Mae West, Demi Moore. The list goes on.

We do not discourage this woman from going for it if that is in fact her goal here. More power to her for going for a younger dude. We do have one question about her...coloring. What kind of sadistic bar lighting made this poor woman literally gray? The title says that she is wearing gloves so that explains her hands, but why is her face the exact color of her gloves? It’s definitely not helping her woo Picasso, or anyone else for that matter. Her resemblance to the old woman in the bathroom scene of The Shining is uncanny. It may be a coincidence, but the old woman from The Shining was also a cougar. It’s explained in the book that she went to the hotel to hook up with a young dude, who turned around and stole her car and bailed. That old woman killed herself, which was unfortunate, but we have much higher hopes for this lovely lady!



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