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Sr. Editor

The idea behind this Gilbert & George work is sweet, really, even if the series is called New Horny Pictures.

The pair was looking through the classified section of their local tabloid magazine and were struck how the endless rows of ads placed by men looking for love resembled a war memorial, each ad like a little tombstone. So the dynamic duo created this work in to memorialize a group of people whose expressions we usually crumple up and throw away. Now, the text they so hopefully sent out to the paper seeking human connection has become a monument in Gilbert & George’s oeuvre. It makes sense, as the artists are very interested in democratizing the fine art world and often utilize seedy material for their large collages in order to celebrate aspects of homosexual identity.  

Though the artists say that the piece is a testament to the anonymous stranger, it’s be pretty hard to forget it’s a G&G. Like many of their works, their likenesses are smack dab in the middle. Wearing identical brown suits, one man leans on the other. Perhaps this is a commentary on the necessity of human connection, as evidenced by the blurbs from the lonely hearts club lined up behind them. Or maybe putting themselves up there is just the result of marketing and ego.

Whether its self-adoration, a one-night stand or a life-long romance, Gilbert & George know we all need a little lovin’ to get by.