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Fantasy. Music. Sex. These are some of Daniel Richter's favorite things.

Richter has been one of the biggest and best known of German painters, since 1995. He has become a sort of rock star among art students and young artists.
His images are like zombie peoplescary looking with hollow eyes that look like spot lights. There's a sense of violence, explosion and calamity in the painting, yet the dark canvas is also so colorful that you don't become afraid, I liked it almost immediately.
Richter's canvases are always large, like four Coca Cola vending machines put together. He once painted a 19 foot tall canvas for a group exhibition because he wanted to stand out. Richter's true interests lie with history and politics, he's anti-dictatorship, pro free society and he uses his 'free' imagination to comment on these with paint. He paints fearful masses of people, but thinks they suggest the path to freedom. He says, "It's a bit like Blues, the music of people who suffered but when you listen to it, you get consolation."