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Splat! Claes Oldenburg and his wife and collaborator Coosje van Bruggen made a big "uh-oh" atop a Cologne shopping mall.

Commissioned by the owners of the building, the sculpture consists of a larger-than-life ice cream cone that looks like it was dropped on the corner of the shopping center by an enormous toddler, whose temper tantrum would surely destroy the busy plaza.


The dairy-loving duo decided to mesh their creation with the existing architecture instead of plopping it on the ground because the streets of this German town were already congested with a ton of pedestrian traffic. Although I bet folks stopping to stare at the hyper-realistic dessert disaster cause traffic jams of their own. For you engineering types, here's a great picture of how they got it up there.


Claes and Coosje say that the conical waffle echoes the architecture of old churches in the city, and also reminds folks of the endless rows of cafés that boast sweet treats to weary shoppers. Perhaps it acts as subliminal marketing..."eaaat meeee" it whispers sexily to you in German.


While ostensibly they're making a comment on new consumer industry in a town that has ancient history, the sculpture definitely shines due to their signature sense of humor. Because if a gigantor 'nilla ice cream scoop dripping down a building facade like a treat for Godzilla doesn't make you smile, you must be lactose intolerant.


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