Aspects of Myself
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You might assume from this work that Grayson Perry has some sort of personality disorder.

Grayson Perry portrays all aspects of himself on this vase...and those aspects have names and personalities.  One well known one is Claire, his feminine/transvestite alter-ego who loves kinky sex (see: the bound and gagged woman).  Another one comes straight from his childhood, and it is his teddy bear, Alan Measles.  Alan is Perry’s most masculine self, and actually serves as a father figure for the artist.  Perry himself probably exists somewhere in between.

In 1998, Perry underwent psychotherapy.  There he learned that these aspects of himself were not caused by outside sources, which was his belief for most of his life.  He finally claimed ownership over these personalities and slapped them on ceramic for the world to see.  This piece bears a lot of resemblance to another vase by Perry called My Gods, but this one contains a lot less violence and discord.  Looking at the two works together gives a strong visual of how psychotherapy changed Perry’s perception of his life. Or should we say lives?

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This must be one of the very few sado-masochist vases around. 

Whether Grayson or his kinky alter-ego Claire made Aspects of Myself is not clear, but the naked tied-up lady is wearing her heels, which makes me suspect it's Claire's work.

Asked what his art is about, Grayson explained, "Things that have interested me all my life: religion, kinky sex, class, taste, folk art—stuff like that."