More about 20:50


This eerie expanse is arguably one of the most powerful installations one could ever encounter.

Richard Wilson had the idea years ago, when sitting beside a swimming pool on vacation. The image of the pool’s still, reflective surface stuck with him, and consequently he first “flooded” a London gallery with recycled engine oil in 1986.

Notorious art collector Charles Saatchi saw it, and goes: “I want it.” Typical Saatchi. But good things do come from capitalist douchebags, because 20:50 is the only permanent installation at the Saatchi Gallery! Def worth a visit, if you’re into trippy stuff

Wilson filled the space with oil that reflects the ceiling so clearly, it's almost like an identical hologram. So the space has a crazy disorienting quality (kind of like an optical illusion) and most people walk down the proverbial plank with some trepidation. ‘Cause no one really knows how deep into the space they really are. When people ask Wilson how deep the room is, Wilson asks right back: “How deep do you want it to be?” Mind. Blown.