Nir Hod
Israeli artist



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Nir Hod
Israeli artist
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Born in Tel Aviv in 1970, and grew up there.

Although he comes from a relatively conservative family, he is one of the most colorful and successful alumni of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Lives a high profile lifestyle. If David Bowie and Andy Warhol had a son, he might look and act like Nir Hod.

Also studied art at Cooper Union in the early 90's when he was 21. Lives and works in NYC. 

In his apartment in Chelsea you'll find art by: Richard Phillips (Gagosian), Ken Solomon, and Margaret Evangeline. Hod wished he had a small Picasso.

Hod is both a romantic who falls in-love easily, and very methodical. He plans to name his future children Alexandra and Dorian.

Hod says that in the world in which we live, nothing is controversial anymore. In his opinion, rebellion ended in the 80's.

At ArtBasel Miami 2013, Nir Hod sold a series of four miniature oil pumps and gold flakes, encased in a crystal ball for US $1,000,000 within 2 hours of opening. He named it "Once everything was better, even the future."

Other fun facts about Nir Hod:

  • Like Bowie, he has a supermodel girlfriend.
  • Used to be a boastful bastard as a kid, up to 15.
  • Didn't read a book nor paint until age 12.
  • His dad owns a marble factory.
  • He thinks sleep is a waste of time.
  • He's a Scorpio.


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Here is what Wikipedia says about Nir Hod

Nir Hod (born 1970) is an Israeli artist based in New York.

Life and work

Nir Hod began his career in video, works in sculpture but is known for his high realism paintings. Hod studied at Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy and New York's Cooper Union School of Art. His work investigates old notions of hyper-seriousness and personal authenticity. Hod's realistic takes on rakish narcissism examine androgyny, identity, sexual confusion, and excess. As Richard Vine wrote in the catalogue for Hod’s survey exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, “From the beginning of his career, Nir Hod has opposed the ideology that labels sumptuousness an esthetic sin. His work openly substitutes the pleasure principle and a fluid multiplicity of selves for the old notions of high seriousness and personal authenticity.” In his recent series of “Genius” paintings and sculptures, Hod depicted aristocratic young men and women whose cherubic cheeks contrast with their scornful expressions and smoldering cigarettes.

For his solo exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery, Mother, Hod created a series of paintings that reference the iconic photograph, taken by the Nazi photographer Franz Konrad, of Nazi soldiers clearing out the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War. Although most of the scholarship and speculation about this photograph has centered on the identity of the young boy with his arms raised, Hod’s paintings focus on the woman in profile closest to the photographer. By removing this faceless and often overlooked woman from the historical context of the original photograph, he asks the viewer to consider who she was and to imagine the life that she could have had. Hod depicts her posing or dancing against a lush, cinematically lit background, a beautiful handbag draped across her arm. Alluring and fashionable, the woman in these paintings has completely escaped from the horrible reality of the original photograph.

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