Lisa Yuskavage
American painter



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Lisa Yuskavage
American painter
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A trip into Yuskavage-land is well worth the effort.

Lisa Yuskavage has created a world unlike any other; a place where voluptuous naked ladies run rampant in a mystical realm of muted surrealist landscapes.

Reigning from Philadelphia, she was the daughter of a rugged truck driver. From her father, she adopted a tomboy, foul-mouthed demeanor which she found difficult to shake until her later school years. When Lisa was younger, she aspired to be a nun. When attending Catholic school as a child, the nuns she met were the first feminists she came across and she couldn't help but see those dedicated women as smart, sexy and powerful. Luckily for the art world, she traveled down a different path and found another way to connect with the commanding women she found intriguing as a child.

Yuskavage creates some of the most dominating yet sensual female nudes around and has just recently begun to focus on male nudes. Through they appear less voluptuous, they are every bit as stunning as her earlier work. She utilizes some pretty unconventional methods of research for her paintings as well. She joined Grindr, a gay dating app, and used a picture of her husband’s torso for her profile pic. All so she could better understand the male psyche.

The feisty Yuskavage has been dubbed the premier “bad girl painter” of the contemporary art world. Some people call her work trashy and inappropriate. Personally, I can appreciate a beautiful butt and powerful woman when I see one. 

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Lisa Yuskavage

Lisa Yuskavage (1962) is an American artist who lives and works in New York City. She is known for her figure paintings, in which seemingly ignoble subjects are depicted with classic, historical techniques.


Yuskavage was born in 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and studied abroad during her third year through the Tyler School of Art’s program in Rome, before obtaining her BFA in 1984. Yuskavage received her MFA from the Yale School of Art in 1986.

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