Gal Weinstein
Israeli artist



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Gal Weinstein
Israeli artist
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Gal Weinstein got a degree in Theater Set-Design from the University of Tel Aviv before going on to receive a BFA from Bezalel (where most famous Israeli artists study).

His studies at the University in Tel Aviv probably contribute to his ability to skillfully utilize so many kinds of materials into such beautiful sculptures.  His works are often political, which is pretty hard to avoid in that region.  He teaches and still creates art.  He’s pretty new to the game (he was only born in 1970) so there’s not a lot of accessible information about him.  Everyone knows you can’t write a person’s story until they’re dead.

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Gal Weinstein is a real family man.

I have met him several times and visited his studio in the southern part of Tel Aviv in the mid 2000's. The neighborhood is industrial, and he has a large, relatively neat loft space, full of installations and work in process using all kinds of different materials, including carpets, plywood, foam, steel wool, and foam.

His self portrait is made of steel wool. In real life his eyes are blue, but there is no blue steel wool.


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Here is what Wikipedia says about Gal Weinstein

Gal Weinstein (Hebrew: גל וינשטיין‎) is an Israeli artist.


Gal Weinstein, born 1970, Ramat Gan, Israel. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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