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Maryland Historical Society
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201 West Monument St.
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

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The Maryland Historical Society is a quirky gem, equal parts history and campy good fun. 

It is the oldest continuously operating cultural institution in the state, and features unmatched collections of Revolutionary War and other patriotic memorabilia, but don’t let the stuffy colonial image fool you.

With 2,200 paintings and portraits, the Historical Society functions as a respectable art museum.  It matches these with 2,200 Native American objects, as well as collections of African American and Women’s history items (including the earliest known portrait of a slave), making it uniquely diverse for a colonial museum.  Antique silver, furniture, garments and textiles (including Continental Army uniforms), and toys and dolls further contribute to a well-rounded collection of folk and decorative objects.

Here, one can find hallowed relics like the original manuscript of the Star Spangled Banner.  Lovers of camp and kitsch can view a collection of politically incorrect cigar store Indians.  Those seeking old-timey celebrity gossip can find a tiara belonging to Maryland debutante Betsy Patterson, who eloped with Napoleon’s brother…there she is, Miss Colonial America!

For the scholarly set, the collection includes a staggering 7 million documents, which are available to the public.  Or if you’re an NRA enthusiast, check out the 231 historic weapons.

Admission is a reasonable $9.00 for non-members, and free the first Thursday of every month.  Hours are 10AM to 5PM Wednesday through Saturday, 12PM to 5PM Sunday.  For Maryland’s oldest cultural institution, the MdHS is still with it.  It was trending on social media as Facebook’s “Museum of the Day” on March 13, 2014. 

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Maryland Center for History and Culture

The Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) (formerly the Maryland Historical Society (MdHS)), founded on March 1, 1844, is the oldest cultural institution in the U.S. state of Maryland. The organization "collects, preserves, and interprets objects and materials reflecting Maryland's diverse heritage". The MCHC has a museum, library, holds educational programs, and publishes scholarly works on Maryland.

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