Hess Collection
California winery, vineyard, and art museum



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Hess Collection
California winery, vineyard, and art museum
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4411 Redwood Road
Napa, California
United States

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Donald Hess was named by Art News Magazine as one of the top 200 contemporary art collectors in the world. His collection contains over 1000 art works by 65 international artists.

Hess did not grow up with art. His father preferred white walls and looking out the windows at the beautiful garden. Hess first learned about art at his neighbor’s house.

His family had been in the hotel and beer brewing business in Switzerland for over eight generations. When Hess took over the family business, he made a fortune developing a mineral water. At the same time he acquired vineyards in Napa, which is committed to organic and sustainable practices.

Art lovers can see his outstanding collection and taste incredible wine in a beautiful setting.

There are also Hess museums and wineries in South Africa and Argentina.

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I learned absolutely everything about my question when I read this post, thanks to the author for the detailed description.


what an interesting museum, can't wait to visit one day.