Joseph Crawhall III
British artist



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Joseph Crawhall III
British artist
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Joseph Crawhall III was part of an accomplished group of artists known as the Glasgow Boys -- a sort of anti-establishment bunch that were inspired by the Impressionists.

Crawhall himself wasn’t actually from Glasgow, although his hometown of Morpeth in Northumberland is so far north that if he were to trip and fall he’d probably land in Scotland. 

Crawhall had little formal training but a whole lot of natural talent. He switched from oil-painting to watercolor in the mid-1880s, a transition that definitely did his artistic career a major favor. The dude loved animals and painted horses, pigs, owls, ducks, chickens, fish, pigeons, rabbits, parrots, goats, and even monkeys and tigers. The latter two subjects were painted in Africa… our little Glasgow boy spent nine years traveling between Spain and Morocco, probably in an attempt to avoid the northern wind and rain of his homeland. Given the option we’d definitely do the same. Tapas over haggis any day.

Dogs and cats are conspicuously absent from Crawhall’s watercolor menagerie, perhaps because he was a tad temperamental and tended to destroy paintings that didn’t completely satisfy him. Cats don’t really take to portraiture, so we’ll cut him some slack.


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Here is what Wikipedia says about Joseph Crawhall III

Joseph Crawhall (20 August 1861 – 24 May 1913) was an English artist born in Morpeth, Northumberland.


Crawhall was the fourth child and second son of Joseph Crawhall II and Margaret Boyd. Crawhall specialised in painting animals and birds. He was born 20 August 1861 at Morpeth, Northumberland. He trained at King's College London before going to Paris to work with Aimé Morot in 1882.

In the 1880s and 1890s, his work became associated with the Glasgow Boys. He was strongly influenced by the Impressionists, and his work, like theirs, was rejected by the art establishment, in his case in the form of the Royal Scottish Academy.

In 1887/88 he visited Tangiers with Pollock Nisbet, Robert Alexander and Robert's son Edwin.

In the 1880s he travelled throughout Morocco and Spain, abandoning oil painting and moving to watercolours with a lighter palette. He died in London in May 1913.

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