Grand Hyatt Plaza



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Grand Hyatt Plaza
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345 Stockton St
San Francisco, California
United States

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What came first, the plaza or the Hyatt? Both!

The Hyatt and plaza were created in 1972 but the Hyatt wins out the namesake game; the spot was originally called Hyatt on Union Square. It didn’t mature to its “grand” status until 1990.

The 660-room luxury hotel is located in San Francisco’s Union Square neighborhood. This bustling square block is now known as one of the busiest shopping areas in the U.S., but before settlement was just a giant sand dune. In 1850, the parcel of land was dedicated to S.F.’s first American mayor, John Geary and named Union Square because of all the pro-Union rallies that went on there during the Civil War. Since its proclamation as a park it has become home to the symbolic and literal heart of San Francisco, holding many public events such as Batkid, the feel good story of the century, well as housing a rotating selection of the City’s Hearts in San Francisco public sculptures.

Whether its shopping, social justice, or art you’re looking for this small area provides them all without the pain of walking up and down dozens of San Francisco’s hills. If you can get in, we suggest catching a bird’s eye view of the bustling throng and art below from the Grand Hyatt Plaza’s 36th floor meeting space. Or you can always enjoy the view on Google maps with the complimentary wifi offered in the square.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Grand Hyatt San Francisco

The Grand Hyatt San Francisco is a skyscraper hotel located half a block north of Union Square in San Francisco, California. The 36-storey, 660 room 108 m (354 ft) tower was completed in 1972, as the Hyatt on Union Square and renamed the Grand Hyatt San Francisco in 1990.

The hotel had 402 employees before the COVID-19 pandemic, dropping to 28 as of April 2021, mainly due to cancelled conventions in the city. It was closed for around half of 2020, losing about $1 million per day during that time.

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